FAQ’s –
Are you available for walk in appointments?
Our glamour and boudoir photography is by appointment only. We can typically work you into our schedule with just a couple days notice.

I am nervous about doing this…
This is absolutely normal. How many people do you know that have glamour or boudoir photos taken on a regular basis? It’s quite normal to nervous… don’t worry, we’re here whenever you need us to answer all of your questions and talk about your fears. We also recommend you bring a friend to your session. You’ll feel more comfortable and will probably have a lot more fun!

Who is present at my photo shoot?
Often it’s just you and the photographer. If you’ve selected a session that includes a makeup artist or a wardrobe stylist, they will also be at your shoot to make sure that everything is perfect. You are also welcome to bring anyone that you would like to your shoot.

I would be much more comfortable if I could bring a friend, is that permitted?
We would love for you to bring a friend along!

Where is your studio?
We’re located in Lehi Utah. Our studio is run out of our home. We have a small, but dedicated professional studio space complete with lighting and backdrops.

Why is your studio located in your home?
Due to the nature of Glamour photography we need a studio location that is comfortable, has a variety of looks and most importantly, is private. Our home allows for all of these things.

Do you do glamour photography on location?
Yes! Locations shoots are the most fun and get the best images! We’re able to shoot in any location that you may have in mind, both indoors and out. If your location is more than 1 hour away from our studio there will be a small travel fee added to your package.

Is the photographer male or female?
Great question! I am the primary photographer and I am a man. However my wife Jody can assist during your photo session if it helps you feel more comfortable. We are a husband and wife team and have been happily married for 20 years.

I have Flaws and don’t look like a model…
We all have flaws… that’s what makes each and every one of us unique and beautiful. Don’t worry about your perceived flaws, we don’t see them. In our eyes (and in front of our camera) you are beautiful and your photos will show it!

Will you help me with posing? I’m not a model and I’m afraid I will look awkward.
You do not need any modeling experience to look amazing & sexy during your session. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Do you have an outdoor location?
Not at this time, however we are available to shoot in any location that you may have access to.

Can I give these photos as a gift?
Absolutely, that’s part of the fun!

Do you shoot nude photography?
We firmly believe you don’t have to be nude to be sexy. On occasion we shoot “implied nude” photos but we don’t shoot any photos with nudity.

How old must I be to have this type of photography done?
Glamour photography is for everyone. We welcome all men and women from 10 to 100.

However you must be 18 or older for boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is generally sexier in theme and wardrobe and is reserved for adults.

What is the best way to get more information about my shoot?
Give us a call or shoot us a quick email. We’re here to answer all your questions.

When can I see the photos?
We can look at them right after your session if you would like. But, just because we’ve taken the photo doesn’t mean it’s done. We will apply our special brand of magic to color them, adjust them and make sure they are perfect. This usually takes about two weeks.

I’m concerned that photos I take with your studio might show up elsewhere…
With great power comes great responsibility! We will never share your photos. EVER! We respect your privacy and we want you to leave a happy customer and return a happy customer.

What about the photos on your website? Aren’t you sharing those?
The photographs on our website and in our portfolio are shared with the customers permission. Every now and again people are so excited about their photographs (and so are we) that they choose to sign a perpetual release that allows us to share the photographs on our site. We will never use a customers photographs without their written permission.

Do you provide wardrobe?
We have a selection of jewelry and props on hand. However we do not provide any part of your wardrobe at this time. We encourage you to bring a variety of your favorite clothing fitted to your size.

What do I need to bring to the shoot?
Anything and everything. Bring clothing that you feel amazing in. Whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans or an amazing dress, if it makes you feel beautiful or sexy — that’s what you bring.

If you are doing a boudoir shoot, you will also need to bring your ID.

Do you provide professional hair and makeup?
Yes — depending on the session that you have booked. Some have makeup and hair included and some don’t.

Can I get an album or Photo Book?
Yes. We can provide custom designed photo books, calendars, and prints.