Michelle Laino Portrait - Getting ready for your close upSince humans have been recorded, we have been obsessed with our looks.  We often compare ourselves to those singled out as “glamorous or sexy”.  We want to look in the mirror and see that model image looking right back at us.  At times, we are exactly that.  We are the spitting image (or at least we feel we are) of Audrey or Christy or Naomi.  We work hard at maintaining that image of “beauty”.  We spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, skincare, fashion and even surgery to complete the look we long for and that deep down, we know we are.  But sometimes, we are very “unglamorous”.  We have been up for days with a crying baby or studying for exams.  There is no time for washing our face at night let alone putting on the perfect cat eye.  Often, days turn into nights and nights turn into weeks.  We are left weary and feeling blah.  I remember knowing that I had to be at a wedding in a velvet dress exactly one month after my son was born.  Getting in that dress was a major feat because I gained 60 lbs with him L  but knowing that I had something to look forward to was definitely inspiring and kept me motivated to look and feel my best!! When the “blahs” creep up on us, we need to have something to look forward too.  Something to remind us that we are not just moms, wives, students or worker bee’s. We are women.  Beautiful women and let’s face it, we all want to feel pretty.  Getting a glamour shoot on the books might just be the thing to help keep us on track with things like eating healthy or covering up those grays or even shaving your legs (c’mon, admit it).


So how do you get started? How do you get ready for your close up?  Well it starts with a phone call to a reputable studio.  But before you do, really sit down and think about what it is you want to capture and be sure that it is YOU, dear friend, that you are satisfying.  Think about what you want to see looking back at you.  I have the same struggles.  Because my hair is so short and spiky, I often wonder if my significant other wishes I had long flowy, Eva Mendes hair.  The truth is, I know that rocking my short hair is my key to feeling the most confident BUT I want to please him too.  Unfortunately, what I thought would please him turned out to be disastrous for my self confidence. I felt 10lbs heavier with no distinct style.  I even struggled to apply makeup (eye-opening!)  I was constantly questioning myself, my looks, my body…. and soon I realized this was no good.  Once I snapped back into my old self, I realized the mop on my head had to go!!  I am different than the norm and I love it!  And the biggest difference was my attitude.  You can’t force confidence.  It has to come from within and if you are trying to please someone other than yourself, it will most definitely appear that way.  At the end of the day, you need to love what is looking back at you.  My husband tells me that I am most sexy when I feel good about myself and bygone he was right.  I walked out of my hairdresser and voila!  I felt great!


Take a moment to go to that place.  Look at old photos and find that sparkle in your eyes.  You will know it when you see it.  That is the feeling you want to capture.

-Michelle Laino
Makeup Artist and Guest Blogger