Welcome to Worth Every Picture.com!

About a month ago my wife and I decided it was time for a change in our direction here at CNV Studios. It’s time for a deeper meaning to our message. You see we’ve had the opportunity to photograph a wide range of people in the last 12 years. We’ve photographed men, women, children, families, young and old, round and tall, big and small. You name it and we’ve probably taken a picture of it.

During our adventures in photography we’ve met some amazing people, we’ve listened to amazing stories and we’ve documented some of life’s most beautiful and monumental moments. During all of this we’ve noticed one reoccurring theme. Women have an overwhelming tendency to believe they’re not beautiful and as such they’re not deserving of being in a photograph. We’ve heard every reason under the sun. Many women even say “Oh I don’t want to be in pictures, I don’t need to see how ugly I am.” The more we heard this the more we were shocked! I mean, how can this be true? How can it be possible that one of the most beautiful creatures on earth does not see herself as beautiful? How?

We think it’s simply not true! So untrue in fact, that we have set out to prove all women, from the supermodel to the soccer mom are beautiful and they are worth every picture.

As a photographer I believe my lens shows truth. It shows exactly what is sees, nothing more and nothing less. And what it sees is a world full of true beauty. My wife and I want you to see that beauty too. We want you to know and feel that you are sexy, you can turn heads and you are deserving of attention in every way.

Celebrate who you are. Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate your life.

Cameron and Jody VanAusdal
CNV Studios