It’s never been about lingerie or skin, but it is about confidence. Confidence may not be the secret to life, but it is the secret to amazing, sexy, and utterly beautiful glamour and boudoir photography. But I’ll come back to confidence in a minute.

Often people ask “Do I have to wear lingerie?” The answer is absolutely not! Many of my favorite photographs are often taken while my subject is completely clothed. Take this awesome 20’s inspired shoot. The shots while simple, are beautiful, untouched by Photoshop and she is–surprise–fully clothed. However her energetic smile is contagious and she is beaming! I must say, she’s downright beautiful in every way.

1920's inspired photos at the bonneville raceway. Sexy without Lingerie

Another series of shot’s I have always loved, is again fully clothed. This woman has a natural beauty. It’s almost as if she isn’t even trying to catch the attention of the viewer. Yes, she’s wearing a strapless dress so she is showing a little bit of skin. However the golden light, the captivating gaze and her intense beauty is enough to make these shots arresting.

Beautiful blonde haired woman wearing strapless denim dress. Sexy without LingerieClose up photo of beautiful blonde haired woman wearing strapless denim dress. Sexy without LingerieExtreme close up of beautiful blonde haired woman wearing strapless denim dress. Sexy without Lingerie

So let’s get back to the subject of confidence and how it relates to lingerie. Of course showing a little skin can be very sexy, sure. But if you are absolutely brimming with confidence it doesn’t really matter what you wear, or don’t wear for that matter. And you quickly realize that lingerie is not the only choice. In many cases what you leave up to the viewers imagination can be just as sexy as anything else. Particularly if you have confidence and KNOW that you are beautiful. When you know it in your bones everyone will see it and they will desire you.

So when you decide what type of shoot you would like to do, just decide that you’re going to rock it and you will. It’s as simple as that! So plan your shoot the way you want it. I promise they are going to be beautiful no matter what!