Last week I promised that we would take a look at our three most popular boudoir photographs.

There are a couple of things that make a striking boudoir photograph. Confidence and simplicity. See, when you pose for your first boudoir session it’s going to be a nerve wracking experience, and maybe just a little bit scary. There are a million thoughts that run through your mind and make you even more nervous — what do I wear, or not wear — what about my makeup — I’m not in shape — I have to get a hair cut — oh, my stretch marks!

Don’t worry, be happy! Everybody is beautiful. If your confident that you will be beautiful, gorgeous and sexy — then you will be. It’s as simple as that.

Today’s photographs show three women that are confident and sexy. Their wardrobe, the setting and the lighting are all very simple, making it easy to focus on their beauty.

Again I didn’t just select these photographs because I liked them, I selected them based upon the number of total views over the last 12 months.

Red satin sheets - Boudoir PhotographsThis photograph is by far our most popular on our site. The setting and the lighting are both very simple. The red satin sheet pops against the tone of the dark hardwood and it helps frame her face and accentuate her features. Her subtle smile gives you the very real sense that she knows that in this moment she is beautiful and that confidence shows through and it’s what makes this picture amazing.

This next shot is a fan favorite and it’s not far behind the first in overall popularity. We’ll give it a few more months and see if it surpasses the first.

sexy in white - Boudoir PhotographsThis photograph is STUNNING. When I collaborated with this client she said she wanted a look that channeled Marilyn Monroe but was unique in it’s own way. The white sheet and the soft lighting say Monroe — while the big beautiful red curls make it unique. She exudes confidence in this photo and makes a direct connection with the viewer. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with those eyes!


Our last photograph is from the same session. Sunlight through the shades - Boudoir photographsJust as we were wrapping up I noticed a beautiful warm light coming through the west facing windows. So I opened the blinds and had her pose near the window.

The way that the light falls across her face and shoulder is nothing short of beautiful. Again — not to belabor the point — she is confident and that confidence is what makes this simple photograph shine.