I see a lot of people sharing older images also known as Photo Flashback or Photo throwbacks on their Flicker and Facebook accounts. So it got me thinking, if I haven’t shared it’s still new, right? Right.

Well then it’s settled. Here are a couple of photographs from a session in 2010. If you’ve been following my work at www.cnvstudios.com you may have already seen photos from this series, but I thought I would share them here and talk about why I love these shots.

For starters–I don’t often photograph men or couples so these photos are a bit of a rarity for me. I really enjoy photographing couples. It gives me the opportunity to capture beauty and emotion in a very different but powerful way.

The two photos that I’ve chosen here speak to me in a way that I can’t really describe. The color, the tone, and the mud all add to the shot in equal parts while at the same time playing second fiddle to James. The focus of both of these shots, rather than being on the woman, is on James–and rightly so. His presence is intense, touching, beautiful and passionate all at the same time.

Take the time to really enjoy these great photos and tell me, what interesting and unique location would you want your couples shots taken at?
Beautiful photograph of couple in the mud. A Photo Flashback Beautiful photograph of couple kissing in the mud. A photo Flashback