Why choose us?

Why choose Cameron and Jody?

We are a husband/wife team and we aim to make a difference in your life.

Everybody is beautiful. If you don’t know this about yourself, we’d like to help you see it. Beauty is not what TV, advertising, and magazines show you. It’s real people, with real hearts, and real body shapes. And yes, real beauty has imperfections. Because we feel we know real beauty, we want to provide you with an experience and pictures that help you see it too. We also know we all have little flaws that bug us or annoy, and can be the niggle stopping us from being confident. These “flaws” are often the reasons we don’t have photos of ourselves.

We chose the name Worth Every Picture because we believe you are worth every picture. We want to show you how beautiful you are, which sometimes means removing the distracting little flaws you don’t like; helping you see what the rest of us see. Just the beauty.

There isn’t enough confidence in the world, not enough self-love, we know this about you, and we aim to change it! It’s time to stop being your own worst critic, and start loving what you see and who you are.

With a background in customer relations, Jody will liaise with you to answer all questions, find the perfect time, help you decide what you want, the look you are after, and even if you don’t know, she’ll ensure a perfect experience; with privacy being a priority.

Graduating with a degree in Arts and Visual Communications, Cameron is an Artist and Photographer with 12+ years experience, and 6+ years in video/film direction. He has perfected skills in photo touch up, image enhancement, and he’s overall a Creative Ninja.

Your experience in being Worth Every Picture will be one you won’t forget or regret. You deserve to know how truly beautiful you really are.